Mommy & Me – for ages 2-3

These classes are great for mothers/fathers and children to attend. What’s better than experiencing with your child their first dance class? This class also offers a great opportunity for instructors to establish the teacher/student roles for a smooth transition into the next class level.

Ages 3-5 Combo Class – Creative Movement ~ Ballet ~ Tap

Children will learn pre-primary grade ballet and tap exercises; along with an introduction to structure and dance classroom manners. More important for this class, is allowing children to move freely and develop a love for the art of dance, in a fun and encouraging atmosphere by instructors, parents/guardians, and peers.

Dress Code: Pink leather ballet shoes $ 18, Tan strappy taps $26 (boys black ballets $18 and black tap shoes $26). Leotard and tights are preferred. This age loves to be creative and wear princess tutus etc. We encourage this as well, as long as items are not a distraction while in class.

Ballet, Tap and Jazz Combo Class – Ages 5-7, 6-8 and 9-11

Children will be introduced to basic ballet, tap and jazz disciplines. Basic vocabulary and terminology and body positions will be taught and remembered through basic barre work and center floor exercises.

Dress Code: Pink leather ballet shoes $ 18, Tan strappy taps $26 (boys black ballets $18 and black tap shoes $26), Leotards and pink tights.

Jazz – Hip Hop Combo Class – Ages 6-8, 9-11, 12-17

These classes offer a strong focus on traditional and current jazz/modern disciplines in technique, vocabulary, terminology, stretch and strength training. These classes will be wrapped up with street style or video hop hop movement to the latest pop chart hits or hip hop music (all age appropriate). Dancers will be placed accordingly, based on individual level of ability or age depending on dancers training.

Dress Code: Black tie up jazz shoes $38 or Black slip on jazz shoes $45, comfortable clothing, easy to move in
Ex: sweatpants, capris, tanks, tshirts. NO jeans

Lyrical – Ages 12-17

Lyrical dance is a powerful movement that combines dance styles such as ballet and jazz.

Dress Code: Turners $20, Leotard and pink tights

Musical Theatre – Ages 8-11

Musical Theatre is a character dance where dancers will have fun acting out songs that are Broadway based using more traditional jazz style movement.

Dress Code: Character shoes, Leotard and pink tights

Adult Programs

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