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Competition is a great way for children to learn!

Children learn what competition truly means, at Elite Dance Productions we promote competition as a great learning experience not solely on winning top awards; instead we promote children to do the best they can and to use their talents to the best of their abilities. To be proud of who they are and their talents. We feel we have accomplished a great competitor when children get off stage and feel they have done the best they can and are happy about their performance. Children learn how to compete respectfully and to always encourage other dancers, not only on their teams but also to encourage their competitors. Children learn the importance of practicing; ultimately working hard for what they desire not only in dance but everything they do in life. Children learn constructive criticism in a positive environment; as well as develop courage and confidence just by getting up in front of judges on stage where they may not develop this type of confidence any where else.

Elite Dance Productions offers competitive dance classes to the dancer who is more committed to learning about the dance world on a competitive level. We have six competition teams that vary in the level of ability and commitment. So even for the dancers who want to experience competition but don’t want to commit to a lot of hours a week, we can still provide the experience. Dancers are always required to tryout for the competition teams and are placed on the proper team based on their level of commitment and abilities, not by age. It is highly recommended to have experience in Ballet, Jazz and Tap to audition for one or our competition teams, as this is a requirement for all our competitors to be well rounded in many styles of dance, not just one particular style.