Congratulations to all the dancers! We look forward to another successful season! Classes start August 6th 2018. Remember to register for our summer workshop in June and July session classes! Extra small & large groups will be offered in the near future. Watch your email!

Final Team Placement date for those who were unable to attend will be Wednesday June 13th at 6pm. Contact to register.

2018-2019  Team Placements


A2, A3, A9, A13, A17, A18, A19, A20, A26, A28, A31, A34, A36, A38,


A1, A4, A6, A7, A11, A12, A25, A30, A35, A40, B39,


B20, B24, B32, B38, A10, A21, A23, A29, A5, A37, A8, B14, B6,

B29, B28, B5


B21, B17, B36, B4, B35, B12, B15, B23, B26, B40, B47,


B3, B7, B8, B9, B13, B18, B44, B45, B2,


B10, B11, B16, B19, B22, B25, B27, B30, B33, B34, B37, B43, B48, B49

2018-2019 Schedule classes start August 6th 2018


4:30-5:30pm Rookies Tap            4:30-5:30pm Minis Choreo.

5:30-6:30pm Minis Tap                 5:30-6:30pm Rookie Ballet

6:30-7:30pm Petites Tap              6:30-7:30pm Junior/Teen Ballet

7:30-8:30pm Junior/Teen Tap   7:30-8:30pm Petites Choreo.

8:30-9:30pm Senior Tap


7:00-8:00pm Teen Choreo.

8:00-9:00pm Teen Choreo.


4:30-5:30pm  Minis Choreo.         4:30-5:30pm Rookie Choreo.

5:30-6:30pm Rookie Choreo.       5:30-6:30pm Mini/Petite Ballet

6:30-7:30pm Petites Choreo.       6:30-7:30pm Senior Ballet

7:30-8:30pm Junior Choreo.         7:30-8:30pm Senior Choreo.

8:30-9:30pm Senior Choreo          8:30-9:30pm Junior Choreo.