2019&2020 Season

Welcome to EDP! We are so happy you have chosen to allow us to teach your child the art of dance. This handbook contains our policies and procedures pertaining to the2019&2020 dance season which runs September 2019 through May 2020. The annual registration fee is $20 per family, due upon registration. (Dancers who registered in a Summer 2019 class have already paid this season’s registration fee.) We offer discounts for 2 or more dancers in an immediate family and to military families. 


Required Payment Options

Tuition must be paid monthly. You must be set up in our auto withdrawal system. In order to set this up you will need to submit a credit card, check/debit card, or checking account number through our secure customer portal. You will have two date options for your tuition to be withdrawn: the 5th of each month or the 20th of each month. Tuition will be withdrawn one month in advance. (For example: September’s tuition will be taken out on August 5th or 20th). 

If your account payment is denied at any point during the year you will have until the 30th of the month to resolve the payment issue before a late fee is issued. If no payment is received by the 30th, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed to your account. If you are assessed a late fee and your account is not brought current or satisfactory payment arrangements are not made with the office manager before the 10th of the month, your family will be dropped from classes at Elite Dance Productions for the remainder of the season. Tuition is non-refundable. Accounts cannot be frozen and tuition will not be prorated for holidays, for child absences, planned or unplanned family vacations/events. If your child misses a class they have the option to make it up by attending another similar class. A $10 NSF fee will be charged each time a check is returned. 


All families must be on the payment plan above. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Also note we will only allow one primary billing account. If a payment option is not selected at the time of enrollment we will automatically set your account to process your tuition payment on the 5th of each month. All fees must be paid up to date in order to participate in scheduled events.


All account balances must be paid prior to the end of the year recital or your dancer will not be allowed to participate in the performance. The entire balance on your account will be processed automatically on April 5th or 20th according to your selected payment option. 

MONTHLY TUITION FEES 2019&2020 season (all fees are subject to change)

45 Min/Week $44.00 (average 4 classes/session)

1 Hour/Week $49.00 (average 4 classes/session)

1.5 Hours/Week $66.00 (average 8 classes/session)

2 Hours/Week $82.00 (average 8 classes/session)

2.25 Hours/Week $92.00(average 12 classes/session)

3 Hours/Week $104.00 (average 12 classes/session)

4 Hours/Week $124.00

5 Hours/Week/Unlimited $140.00

Mommy/Daddy & Me $40.00 per 6 week session


You will receive a $5 Thank You credit for each new family you refer to EDP! Just make sure they put your name in the “how did you hear about us” space on their registration!


Elite Dance Productions cannot emphasize enough how much we value open communication with our customers. If at any time throughout the year you have questions or concerns we encourage you to speak with us about them. We have an office manager who will be available during classes to answer any questions you may have and can be contacted via email at mainoffice@elitedanceduluth.com or by phone: Duluth Studio Office (218)723-1337. Newsletters, memos, reminders, and statements will be sent via email, posted in the lobby, on the website, and in the parent portal. You will also receive progress reports to keep you informed of what your child is learning throughout the season. If you change your email address during the year be sure to update it in the office! Please be sure you check your email often for updated information! Email is our main source of communication! If you have any concerns we ask you fill out this form: Parent/Teacher/Student Concern Form


Annual Recital 

EDP holds a recital at the end of every dance year. This is a chance for dancers to show off what they have learned over the past year. They will learn a routine during the year that they will perform on stage. The recital date will be announced at a later date (typically held in May/June). Before this date you will receive a recital handbook that will include ticket information. All audience members are required to purchase tickets with the exception of the dancer performing and any child under 3 years of age who will sit on a lap throughout the recital. Costumes are mandatory for all recital participants. Costumes will be picked out by the instructor in the fall. Costumes can range from $65-$80 and will be automatically processed on Nov. 5th & 20th(your selected epayment schedule). Please put this date on your calendar. If your child’s costume is not paid for, it will not be ordered. Once a costume is ordered there will be no returns or refunds. All costume sales are final. 



While it is our hope that every dancer that walks through our door is able to stay with us throughout their dancing career, we understand that sometimes families must leave. EDP requires a 30-day written withdrawal notice. Any charges posted before the office receives notice of withdrawal will be processed. All tuition, costume, merchandise, and event fees are non-refundable. If notice is not given you will continue to be charged tuition and be responsible for payment until notice is received; you must inform our office as Elite Dance Productions does not know if a dancer is dropped without proper noitification. 



Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, instructor can not jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of class for one student. Please make every effort to have your child at every class. If your child will be gone from class please notify the office by text: 218.216.4650, email: mainoffice@elitedanceduluth.com, or phone: Duluth 218.723.1337 so we can note the absence and reason of absence. If your dancer is gone from class and office is notified they will be allowed to make up class at another class time of same or similar discipline. If no notification is made to the office your dancer is not eligible for a class make up. Private lessons are available to learn routine combinations missed due to class absences at the cost of $25.00/30 min. or $50.00/hr. in the event they have to learn choreography material that can not be taught in other classes. Attendance is important to continue development of the classroom discipline. 


Early Dismissal/Termination of Classes or Services

Instructors reserve the right to dismiss any dancer from class or routine whose attitude or commitment is unsatisfactory. Directors reserve the right to dismiss any family from Elite Dance Productions for violation of policies set in place. If a class doesn’t meet the required minimum of 5 students per class dancers will be given an option to move to another class of the same or similar discipline. We expect dancers and parents to support and respect the other dancers, parents, and staff. We expect sportsman-like conduct from ALL of our dancers and parents. We will not tolerate rude comments, negativity, or poor attitudes. Please note that poor conduct by either a dancer or parent will result in termination of services.


Photo Release

EDP may take photos of our dancers to use on our website, social media, or other publications. If you object to having photos of your children used in this way please inform the office. 

Thank you for being part of Elite Dance Productions, where we build elite dancers step by step with passion, power and determination!