ANNUAL RECREATION REGISTRATION FEES: (all fees are subject to change)

Family $20.00

Payment required with completed registration form to reserve class space. A registration is not considered complete and class space is not reserved until these requirements are met.

2017-2018 FALL MONTHLY TUITION FEES: September – May or June (all fees are subject to change)

45 Min/Week $42.00 (average 4 classes/session)
1 Hour/Week $46.00 (average 4 classes/session)
1.5 Hours/Week $63.00 (average 8 classes/session)
2 Hours/Week $78.00 (average 8 classes/session)
2.25 Hours/Week $88.00 (average 12 classes/session)
3 Hours/Week $98.00 (average 12 classes/session)
4 Hrs/week $118.00
5+ (Unlimited) Hrs/Week $133.00
Mommy/Daddy & Me $38 per 6 week session

Tuition must be paid monthly. You must be set up in our auto withdrawal system. In order to set this up you will need to submit a credit card, check/debit card, or checking account number through our secure customer portal. You will have two date options for your tuition to be withdrawn: the 5th of each month or the 20th of each month. Tuition will be withdrawn one month in advance. (For example: September’s tuition will be taken out on August 5th or 20th).
If your account payment is denied at any point during the year you will have until the 30th of the month to resolve the payment issue before a late fee is issued. If no payment is received by the 30th, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed to your account. If you are assessed a late fee and your account is not brought current or satisfactory payment arrangements are not made with the office manager before the 10th of the month, your family will be dropped from classes at Elite Dance Productions for the remainder of the season. Tuition is non-refundable. Accounts can not be frozen and tuition will not be prorated for holidays, for child absences, planned or unplanned family vacations/events. If your child misses a class they have the option to make it up by attending another similar class. A $10 NSF fee will be charged each time a check is returned.
All families must be on the payment plan above. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Also note we will only allow one primary billing account. If a payment option is not selected at the time of enrollment we will automatically set your account to process your tuition payment on the 5th of each month. All fees must be paid up to date in order to participate in scheduled events.
All account balances must be paid prior to the end of the year recital or your dancer will not be allowed to participate in the performance. The entire balance on your account will be processed automatically on April 5th or 20th according to your selected payment option.

All tuition, costume and other event fees are nonrefundable and in order to stop your billing account a written or verbal statement must be made within 30 days of cancellation, this will be enforced. All fees must be paid up to date in order to participate in scheduled events.


Dancer (or 1 per family) $75.00

For more competition information please see competition page or contact us with questions.


Solo: $300.00
Duet: $200.00 per dancer
Trio: $150 per dancer
Private Lessons: $50/hour
Open Practice: $5/lesson

A deposit of $100 per routine is due June 19th. This will be processed through your account on file unless another type of payment is arranged. The remaining balance will be due at the time of the 1st choreography session. Fees include choreographer preparation & 4 private choreography sessions. We will start most extra dances in July. Additional costs will include: any extra private lessons after the first 4 choreography sessions including Private Lessons and Open Practices, costuming, ($100-$140) and competition entry fees ($38-$105 per competition). Open Practices will be offered on a first come first served basis, typically 5 routines per session. Fees for Open Practices and Private Lessons must be paid by cash or check at the time of the session. Any dancer who does not notify the studio that they will miss a session they have signed up for will be charged. We will rent the studio out at a rate of $40.00/hour for dancers to practice extra routines on their own. This fee may be split among other dancers doing extra routines. You will need to book studio time through the office. Dancers are required and expected to practice their routines outside of studio time.

There is a separate recital for solo/duet/trio and small groups, and these dances will not be performed in the main recital. The solo/duet/trio/group recital will be scheduled in February or March, 2018.

PRIVATE LESSONS: (all fees are subject to change)

30 min. sessions: $25.00

1 hour sessions $50.00

Private lessons are available to learn routine combinations missed due to class absence, for extra technique help, or for competition dances that have not learned routine in time allotted for solos, duets, and trios.


(Instructors travel to designation or can be held at our facility)

Call 218-723-1337 for complete registration and pricing information.

These workshops are detailed for Jr. High and High School teams. For complete detailed information, please contact Elite Dance Productions with mailing and contact information. EDP has been in high demand for these workshops and has worked with UMD Dance Team (2 years previous consecutive choreography), Cloquet, Duluth Denfeld, East, Superior and Hermantown Dance Team. Call for your scheduled workshop!



STATEMENTS: Statements will be sent electronically via e-mail. If you have not yet given us your e-mail or if your e-mail changes, please stop by the office, email or call to update your account. Paper statements will only go out if you do not have an e-mail account. It is your responsibility to know if you owe the studio so be sure you are checking your account often. Statements for monthly tuition will not be sent to those people who have auto withdrawal from their account.